allkids is a chain of preschool centers for children aged 0-3 years which began operating in 2015 with the aim of offering families the Prince Project, which focuses on early stimulation, facilitating family reconciliation with centers nearest to the place of residence and / or work of the parents.

This project is supported by the pedagogical experience and 40-year history of the Educational Group Attendis. The first three years of child’s life are crucial in the development of habits, mainly the so-called ‘basic habits’, which are the basis for human virtues and social skills.

Our interest and enthusiasm lies in providing support to parents in the education of their children with avant-garde centers, where each child is happy and has skilled and innovative teachers, who teach them to discover their own skills and to make the best of themselves.

In AllKids we understand that education involves teamwork between families and the school and we appreciate, above all, close cooperation between both parties in a climate of confidence and fluid communication.


Aimed at familiarizing the children with English Inmersion Program.

Bilingual Programme DELTA (Developing European Languages Teaching and Acquisition).

Taking advantage of the ideal period for language acquisition.

Jolly Phonics as phonetic method.

Hello Sally as didactical English material.

Ludic classes and with movement.


Pursuing a better motor development during the early years.

Daily sessions of psychomotricity.

Working through the own body and movement.

Fun classes that promote motor development and its impact on neuronal development.

Promoting learning and child’s right laterality.

Motor skills built child’s confidence and  assurance.


The music helps to stimulate children’s minds and gives them a greater intellectual and creative development.

The Clave Programme is directed to the development of auditory perception and reinforces learning patterns of natural body movement through rhythm.

By music auditions, children are educated in aesthetic taste and the acquisition of a basic musical culture.

Teaching music to children helps them to excel more in subjects such as math, reading and languages, and strengthens faculties like memory or creativity.

Clave Programme is based on recognized methods: Mozart, Tomatis, Kodaly, Dalcroze, Orff…


Enhances self-confidence and awareness of their own feelings and those of others.

Helping the child to understand which behaviors are appropriate and which ones are not.

Teaching them behaviors that promote and increase their competence and autonomy.

Adapted to the different maturation rates.

One-to-one follow up.

Encouraging correct social relationship with adults and peers.


It is important that your child is in good hands because when they feel happy, cared for and loved by their teachers, they feel ready to achive their potential by learning from the environment around them.

The first three years of life are crucial in the development of habits. Mainly the so-called ‘ basic habits ‘: order, hygiene, eating and sleep, which provides the basis for human virtues and social skills.

Prince Project takes full advantage of sensitive periods of child development for the acquisition of mental functions, skills and habits that, in another time, would need more effort.


The education of children presents a new challenge every day: jealousy, tantrums, sleep habits, diet … We try to resolve these most common doubts to help you in your work at home.



We offer you a wide range of activities to help you manage the challenges that come with educating your child. These include training sessions, lectures, individual tutorials and schools for parents.

You, parents, are the first educators of your children and our interest and enthusiasm are to support you on the education for it to be a teamwork.

Your child’s early achievements, the discovery of the concepts “you” and “I”, nutrition, hygiene, first steps… are some of the challenges you must face and, to do so, you’ll have different activities with experts on various topics that will be organized based on your interest.


We serve families and for this reason we try to make your lives easier by always taking into account the different personal and professional circumstances of each family.

Working hours.

Loose days for students up to 8 years.

Early morning classroom from 7 am.

Dining service.

Adapted menu to the different intolerances.

Sleep classroom.

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